Live Train IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Rail Info This is something giants, since the release on  2018-11-30 is more than 1,000,000+ the user who plays Live Train IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Rail Info. In the beginning I also did not believe that there were so many people who liked Live Train IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Rail Info, this was also proven by the positive response given by the users, just look at the start of the release to date Live Train IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Rail Info 10.0 from 6638 voter is original provided by the user, not made up and not carelessly they 1,000,000+ give 10.0 this rating without being asked by the developer. This shows that Live Train IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Rail Info is very liked by them.

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About Live Train IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Rail Info :

Find Live Train Location, Train Time, Train Live Status, Train Running Status, Live Train Enquiry of any Railway Station in Railway app

A must have app for all travellers for Railway Enquiry.

Live Train IRCTC PNR Status is fully featured all in one App.It is one of the fastest and a very light weight application to find all necessary information about Indian Railways with a very simple interface. You can book train tickets and get Live Train Information like how much delay your train is and position at any time as well as a ton of information like Platform number, Train schedule, seat availability, PNR Status etc.

Here is a list of things you can do with this Railways app.

Book Tickets – Ticket Booking is fully Automated so you can book with in seconds with confirmed ticket. All you need to do is fill Captcha.

– Faster Tatkal Ticket Booking

PNR Status – Check your PNR status and persist it for later use.

PNR Prediction – Confirmation Chances of your PNR

Live Train Status – Current train position and delay.

Live Station Status – Which trains are coming on which platform at your selected station.

Trains between two stations – Find train between two stations with all details like fare, seat availability, etc.

Current Availability – Find latest availability of trains coming at your current station.

Availability Chances – Check Availability Chances before you book tickets.

Seat Availablity – Select class and concession etc. and find correct Availability of seats on your selected train.

Train Schedule – Know your train going via which stations and stops on which platform with all details.

Seat Map – See seat map and Know your seat position in train coach whether it is window side, Side upper, Side middle etc.

Fare Enquiry – Enter Concession and class to know exact fare details.

Cancelled Trains

Rescheduled Trains

Diverted Trains

Share any screen data with your friends.

See train routes on Google Maps.

See Stations near by to your location.

Speed Meter

Tips to use
You don’t need to remember train name or number or station name. App is smart and provides you suggestions of train name or station name as soon as you start entering. So please don’t enter full text and use auto suggest data.

This app gives accurate information even on low connectivity. This Railways app is important for those who travel in trains. This app is very helpful for them to check their PNR Status, Seat Availability, Live information of train and station with train schedule etc. This app combines info from IRCTC and NTES so user doesn’t have to go any where.

Disclaimer :
This app provides data from third party websites. This app is not affiliated with NTES or IRCTC any how. By using this app, you are solely responsible for any legal implications/liabilities arising from using the app.

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1) Now you can Add Alarm With Time for Station on Live Train Screen
2) Bug Fixes

Previous Release
1) Corrected Are you inside train option on Live Train Screen.
2) Fixed Date bug on Search Train. Now you can remove Date.
3) Offline Search Trains and Offline Seat Maps
4) Offline Live Train Search
5) Search Train is Fast Now.
6) Added Remaining Quota for Fare and Seat Availability Search.
7) Improved Speed Of All Over App.

Additional Information

Rating: 10.0 from 6638 voter

Update History:  Latest update  : 2018-11-30

1.3.82018-11-30 Android 4.0.3+

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