This is something amazing, since the release on  2019-03-16 is more than 1,000,000+ the user who plays In the beginning I also did not believe that there were so many people who liked, this was also proven by the positive response given by the users, just look at the start of the release to date 8.4 from 38027 voter is original provided by the user, not made up and not carelessly they 1,000,000+ give 8.4 this rating without being asked by the developer. This shows that is very liked by them.

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About :

Welcome to the brand new GIANT.IO arena, where you can experience the ultimate battle royal epicness on-the-go. Try to survive on this crazy battle arena. Choose with your parachute the starting point and be THE LAST MAN WHO STAYED ALIVE. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches or build a shelter to ambush the oponents. Every kills give you a special boost whitch makes you a GIANT to rule the battlefield.

*Play Online with up-to 30 players in a huge battle royal arena or Offline againts our advanced bots.
*Sharp your building skills in the Building Mode to create yourself new epic tactics.
*With our FULLY UPGRADED Battle Royale souce you became a GIANT beast and your firepower is get boost too for a limited time.

【Game Feature】
✪ Building system
✪ Battle Royale game mode
✪ Multiplayer mode
✪ Single Player mode
✪ 16 types of weapons
✪ Georgeus graphics
✪ Advanced AI System
✪ Growing Potion
✪ Destructable Trees
✪ Driveable Vehicles
✪ Epic Hero Skins
✪ Massive map size


Offline! — Play Any Where Any Time!
Online! — Play with your friend on the servers!

Train yourself on five different modes: Player vs AI, Battle Royale, Infinity Battle, Building, Multiplayer
Fight againts up to 30 enemies at the same time.
Bug fixes
Bread infection
New Characters
New Emoticons
New Lobby
New Menu

Additional Information

Rating: 8.4 from 38027 voter

Update History:  Latest update  : 2019-03-16

32019-03-16 Android 4.1+

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