SmartThings This is something impossible, since the release on  2018-12-26 is more than 100,000,000+ the user who plays SmartThings. In the beginning I also did not believe that there were so many people who liked SmartThings, this was also proven by the positive response given by the users, just look at the start of the release to date SmartThings 9.4 from 156788 voter is original provided by the user, not made up and not carelessly they 100,000,000+ give 9.4 this rating without being asked by the developer. This shows that SmartThings is very liked by them.

By the way, if you want to know how it feels like we feel, you keep it below.

About SmartThings :

With SmartThings, you can connect and control multiple devices quicker and easier. No matter where you are, you can monitor and control smart devices, home appliances, TVs, and speakers registered on the server.

[Key features]
– Remotely control and check the status of devices registered through a Wi-Fi AP.
– Group multiple devices into a Mode and control them simultaneously.
– Configure your device settings, including the time and operating conditions, and operate them automatically.
– Invite others to a location where devices are registered to enable shared control.
– The notification feature allows you to receive status information about your device.

※ SmartThings is optimized for Samsung smartphones. Some features may be limited when used with other vendors’ smartphones.
※ Some features may not be available in all countries.

[App requirements]
Some mobile devices may not be supported.
– RAM size : 2GB over

※ App permissions
The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required access permissions]
• Location: Find nearby devices using Bluetooth or BLE.

[Optional access permissions]
• Camera: Scan QR codes.
• Contacts: Verify user information that will be delivered while transferring files.
• Microphone: Used to provide voice control function using microphone.
• Storage: Save and use plugins and app data, and transfer content and files via the app.
• Phone: Check for app updates, identify the user’s country, and transfer content and files via the app.

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.
This release brings continued focus on incorporating your feedback to improve overall quality.

Additional Information

Rating: 9.4 from 156788 voter

Update History:  Latest update  : 2018-12-26

1.7.21-252018-12-26 Android 7.1+

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Indeed not all will feel the same as we use SmartThings , for those of you who like SmartThings you can download this application for no need permission, otherwise if you don’t like of this SmartThings may you can share it via the sharing button to your mate.