Papersoft Mobile Capture This is something special, since the release on  2018-12-03 is more than 10,000+ the user who plays Papersoft Mobile Capture. In the beginning I also did not believe that there were so many people who liked Papersoft Mobile Capture, this was also proven by the positive response given by the users, just look at the start of the release to date Papersoft Mobile Capture from 272 voter is original provided by the user, not made up and not carelessly they 10,000+ give this rating without being asked by the developer. This shows that Papersoft Mobile Capture is very liked by them.

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About Papersoft Mobile Capture :

Warning: In order to use the app you need to be an authorised Papersoft customer and have an active username and password. After the evaluation of your desired needs Papersoft or one of Papersoft´s partners/customers will be able to provide you valid credentials. Please send your business process requirements to

The challenge >> Why Papersoft Mobile Capture

In the actual digital world, paper based processes still poses obstacles to getting information to the right people and systems in an efficient, decentralized, agile, integrated, secure and more important, timely way, reducing gaps and eliminating business constraints.

Papersoft enterprise mobile capture was specifically designed to maximize productivity and address these obstacles by fully extending, and automating, enterprise document capture processes and records management, allowing customers and knowledge workforce to participate directly in business processes.

Papersoft enterprise mobile capture API and service oriented architecture, and the cloud (SaaS) readiness, enable organizations to optimize their capture processes by interfacing with multiple systems, remote platforms and devices enterprise-wide, unifying information silos and implementing transactional services.

A design and architecture based on simple to manage processes and customizable recipes delivers flexibility, ease of use, and cost effectiveness, allowing your organization to easily create and distribute different business scenarios across many departments or regions, without changing the fundamental core of the platform and associated services, with just one click.

Papersoft mobile capture recipe´s or business scenarios/cases has many unique industry applications and provide organizations a single platform for tackling the challenge of remotely managing the paper and data received by various departments, as well as branch, regional, and field offices, anywhere around the world.

The result: Faster, more dynamic responsiveness to ever-changing business needs, Interoperability, seamless integration… and visibility, where easy mobile input, availability and security fulfill the key requirement… capture anywhere, anytime.

Here are some common applications:

• Customer on-boarding
• Contracts Management
• Claims settlement
• Know your customer
• Proof of delivery
• Order delivery Checklist
• Field inspection
• Citizen centric ID and registration
• Expenses submission
• Departmental forms submission (HR, sales, etc.)
• … Others,

If you don´t find yours and want to know more, please contact Papersoft´s sales team at

What´s in it

• Turns your device into an enterprise document capture/scanning and processing app.
• Users are prompted to recipe/business scenario accordingly to their profile and business role.
• Ensures all processes are compliant and aligned with regional and regulatory demands.
• Easily deliver documents and associated data to corporate processes, archives or third party systems.
• Auto populates form fields based on structured libraries such as bar code, QR code and others.
• Image optimization and identification technology designed for seamless back-end processing (high quality scan for advanced data extraction tools use like OCR, ICR and OMR).
• Deliver certified images and data to back-end systems (line-of-business applications like ERP and image repositories).
• Electronic digital signature.
• Security and administration framework designed for the enterprise, government or legal purposes usage.
• PDF creation based on collected meta-data, images and signature.
• Configurable product terms and general use conditions and user privacy settings for information capture and acceptance.
• Work offline based on time to live token. SMS receipt option.
• SSL-encrypted connection with existing back-end systems.
• Device data encryption and data deletion after submission.
• Automate records management based in information profiles.
Capture MRZ from Identity Documents
App Notifications
Capture & Match Biometric Fingerprint
Approve & Reject Workflow
Check Audit Trail
Automatic App Update
Agent Management: Performance & Best Practices
ICCID & IMEI Authentication Control
Document ID fraud Alert
Face Detection Tool
Capture QR Codes to Form
Receive Task from HQ

Additional Information

Rating: from 272 voter

Update History:  Latest update  : 2018-12-03

1.3.02018-12-03 Android 4.1+

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