Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live This is something special, since the release on  2018-12-06 is more than 500,000+ the user who plays Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live. In the beginning I also did not believe that there were so many people who liked Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live, this was also proven by the positive response given by the users, just look at the start of the release to date Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live from 6797 voter is original provided by the user, not made up and not carelessly they 500,000+ give this rating without being asked by the developer. This shows that Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live is very liked by them.

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About Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live :

【Nimo TV for Streamer – One-click broadcast, interact with audiences】
Nimo official broadcast tool. Free to everyone. One click to start your game live. Everyone can be a streamer. Automatically record the games on your phone in real time and broadcast to the audience on Nimo TV. Enjoy sharing game experience with

★Easy to broadcast
Anyone can be a streamer! One click to create your channel and share your unique gaming tips and findings with other game lovers! Just one steps, you can be a superstar!

★Realtime and interactive
Share your game and interact with your audience in real time. As long as your performance is splendid enough, you can get cool gifts from your audience. Don’t forget they can become real money.

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Additional Information

Rating: from 6797 voter

Update History:  Latest update  : 2018-12-06

1.1.42018-12-06 Android 5.0+

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Indeed not all will feel the same as we use Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live , for those of you who like Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live you can get this application for no need permission, on the contrary if you don’t like of this Nimo TV for Streamer – Go Live may you can share it via the sharing button to your family.